1, 2, 3 - PHOTOBOMB!

Like we all know very well, it was the international women's day yesterday (so, happy late women's day for all my ladies out there - hope you got many beautiful flowers and all that jizz!). Me & mom were home alone, as bros and dad are busy holidaying, and this is how the day went.









Mom bought us a cake - Toblerone, yamm - and we had a nice cup of Green Tean with forest fruit flavor (that's the shit. Seriously people. Coming from a person who hates tea and any warm beverigde for that matter). And she bought me new yarn - I'mma knit over-knee-length woolen socks from the baby pink-ish one (wah so cute) and regular socs from the multicolored. Also, I continued wrecking my journal - I'll soon make a post of what I've done so far (which is actually not that much but still)! And I bought me a Knitting magazine - lol the Finnish ones are better - but it came with this übercute baby knitting extra & shawl pin and ROW COUNTER SHAPED AS AN OWL! I don't own a row counter so basically this was very handy. Also, the magazine did have a cute pattern for a scarf and a jacket I can't wait to get my hands on :-) We'll see!


Tonight, I'm having a me-night. The weather is horrendous, And I've just been sitting here knitting and tumblring and searching for new artists I should listen to. Somebody recommended me El Guincho. From what I've heard, that really has the lating feeling in it, doesn't it?



Live long and prosper!

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